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Contact Linda Fawcett, HSU Professor of Art Emerita
lfawcett@hsutx.edu or 325-665-4165

The 1-month option (May 22 - June 23, 2022) allows
3-6 hours college credit (Summer 1, 2022).
At least one course must be with Professor Fawcett:

Art 2306: Art History Survey I (Fawcett)
Art 2307: Art History Survey II (Fawcett)
Art 3333: Watercolor Painting (Fawcett)
Art 4399A: Special Topics - Art History In Florence I (Fawcett)
Art 4399B: Special Topics - Art History In Florence II (Fawcett)
Art 4399C: Special Topics - Drawing and Collage (Fawcett)
Digital Photography (SRISA, SART2502, transferable to HSU)
Printmaking: Expanding the Matrix (SRISA, SART3302, transferable to HSU)
Italian I (SRISA, ITAL101, transferable to HSU)
History of Florence (SRISA, HIST3201, transferable to HSU)
History of Italian Mafia (SRISA, HIST3301, transferable to HSU)
Contemporary Italian Literature (SRISA, ENGL3102, transferable to HSU)
Marketing: The Italian Wine Industry, (SRISA, BUSI4302, transferable to HSU)
NOTE: 1-month participants may also go as non-credit seeking

**SCHOLARSHIPS of up to $1000 are available to HSU students who register early!**

4-week Group Airfare Option (only 1 seat left, first-come, first-serve): 1-month: $5718.00 (includes refundable apartment deposit).

4-week Option that does not include airfare: make your own arrangements to arrive in Florence on May 23, fly out on June 23: $4309.00 (includes refundable apartment deposit). All else the same.

(NOT INCLUDED above: HSU block semester-fee, non-block HSU tuition, and/or SRISA tuition.)

THERE IS ALSO A 2-WEEK OPTION not intended for course credit.
2-week option dates: arrive June 6,7 or 8 (your choice) - ends June 23, 2022 (airfare NOT included)
2-week PRICE: $3663.00 with refundable housing deposit included. (Contact Fawcett for payment schedule but early reservation is still important!)

$800 Deposit/Reservation fee (includes nonrefundable $300 deposit) DUE ASAP! 
** all of the above reservation fee does apply towards the cost of the tour **

Step 2: Payment #2 for 4-week participants, $2550 (includes 50% of the
refundable housing deposit), DUE ASAP!
Step 3: Balance due all participants, by March 23, 2022
or contact Linda Fawcett to discuss your payment schedule.

  Included Not
Air Transfer 4-week Group Option: Round trip airfare between DFW Airport, TX and Peretola International Airport in Florence, Italy.
4-week or 2-week Non-Group Air Option: Airfare not included. 

Dual-occupancy bedroom furnished apartment (1-3 bedrooms, 2-6 people) in Florence with WIFI and equipped kitchen, within 20 minute walk of Santa Reparata.

2 nights in 3-star hotel in Venice.

Single bedroom in a shared apt.or private apartments available for extra charge (for more info, please see: SRISA Housing).
Apartment deposit refunded within 3 months of end of occupancy if no damage.
Meals SRISA Welcome Banquet, Florence
All others
Ground or Water Transfers

All ground transportation for custom 3-day HSU group trip from Florence to Venice and Padua and return (dates TBA during the last 2 weeks) for ALL participants.

One other SRISA-sponsored day trip as outlined in itinerary for 4-week participants: Siena or San Gimignano (Date TBA).

Public bus or train transfers if not otherwise included.

Optional SRISA-sponsored overnight trip to city TBA, dates TBA, cost: TBA.

For one-month participants: optional SRISA-sponsored day trip to Chianti on date TBA, cost: 80 Euro.

For ALL participants: optional SRISA-sponsored day trip to Portovenere or Cinque Terre on date TBA, cost: 80 Euro.
Guide/Assistants 24 Emergency Assistance from SRISA specially trained staff.
Explanatory lectures by HSU faculty on-site or in SRISA classroom.
Comprehensive sightseeing tours with the services of professional local English-speaking SRISA or government-licensed guides as outlined in itinerary.
Entrance Fees For ALL participants: All one-time entrance fees to required sites, plus Uffizi card with unlimited entrance to the Uffizi, Pitti Palace, Boboli Gardens, and Bardini Gardens Other site visits not required
Porterage XXX None
Tips/Gratuities XXX None

DAY City Itinerary

Day 1
DFW to Italy
  • Group meets at DFW Airport, Texas (Terminal E, gate TBA) by 1:30 pm. Air France Flight 159 leaves DFW at 3:40pm.

    (Note that flight details are always subject to change)
  • 23-24 May 2022

    Arrival: Day 2 & 3

    Night time in historic Florence
    looking towards the Duomo

    To learn all about your school environment in Florence, go to the SRISA WEBSITE:

  • Arrive Charles De Gaulle Airport (Paris) at 8:05am.

  • Leave Charles De Gaulle Airport (Paris) at 3:40pm on Air France Flight 1666.

  • Arrive Peretola Airport, Florence at 5:25pm. Meet SRISA personnel, take taxis into Florence.

  • Check into housing. Balance of the day to rest and explore.

  • Next morning, meet at SRISA for orientation.

  • The front door to the San Gallo Fine Arts Studio campus, Santa Reparata International School of Art (one of 4 campuses within a two-block area.)

    the rest of Week One... FLORENCE

    Etruscan sarcophagus

    ABOVE: Etruscan Tomb, National Archeological Museum, Florence, 4th-1st century bce


    ABOVE: From the Bargello Museum - Left, early 5th century ivory diptych of Adam in the Garden; Right, Donatello's David (famous, famous!)

    Del Sarto Last Supper

    Above: ANDREA del SARTO's Last Supper, San Salvi, 1520-25

    Santa Croce

    ABOVE: View of Santa Croce, photo taken from the top of Giotto's Tower (Duomo)

    ABOVE: View of Florence from San Miniato al Monte

  • Lectures and/or workshops at SRISA

  • Likely 1/2-day visits to the following famous sites: National Archeological Museum, Bargello Museum, Santa Croce and Pazzi Chapel.

  • Friday, May 27 (tentative date): DAY TRIP TO either the beautiful hilltop town of SIENA or of the beautiful hilltop town of SAN GIMIGNANO!

  • The rest of the time on your own

  • San Miniato al Monte
    ABOVE: Interior view of San Miniato
    al Monte, 11th century

    Santa Croce

    ABOVE: Interior view of Santa Croce (begun 13th century), nave looking east (includes Michelangelo's Tomb, Giotto's Bardi and Peruzzi Chapels)

    Week 2 FLORENCE

    Hospital of Innocents

    Above: BRUNELLESCHI's (famous, famous) loggia, Hospital of the Innocents, 1424-1445


    ABOVE: Detail of east doors of Florence Baptistery, GHIBERTI,original gilded bronze panel, Museo dell' Opera del Duomo

    Michelangelo Deposition

    ABOVE: Deposition, MICHELANGELO, 1550, Museo dell' Opera del Duomo

    della Robbia_Opera

    ABOVE: one of the pulpit panels by LUCA della ROBBIA, 1431-38, Museo dell' Opera del Duomo


    ABOVE: Interior, Santo Spirito, designed by BRUNELLESCHI


    ABOVE: Choir, Santa Maria Novella, with GHIRLANDAIO's Tornabuoni fresco cycle

    ABOVE: View of Piazza del Duomo
    (L to R: Baptistery of San Giovanni,
    Duomo, Giotto's Tower)

    Florence Duomo_ceiling
    Looking up under the dome, Duomo

  • Lectures and/or workshops at SRISA

  • Optional SRISA-sponsored day trip to Chianti, TBA date, cost extra.

  • Likely 1/2-day visits to the following famous sites: San Miniato al Monte, Orsanmichele, Santissima Annunziata, Loggia of the Hospital of the Innocents, the Convent of Sant' Apollonia (Castagno's Last Supper), San Salvi (Del Sarto's Last Supper), Santa Maria del Carmine (MASACCIO's Brancacci Chapel), Santa Maria Novella, the Duomo, Museo dell' Opera del Duomo, Baptistery of San Giovanni.

  • The rest of the time on your own

  • Florence Baptistery_ceiling detail
    ABOVE: looking up inside the Florence Baptistery of San Giovanni

    Above: GHIBERTI's Gates of Paradise (east doors to Baptistery of San Giovanni, across from the entrance to the Duomo), 1525-52

    ABOVE: Santa Maria Novella, Florence

    Above: MASACCIO's Holy Trinity, ca. 1428, fresco inside Santa Maria Novella

    ABOVE: Left wall of MASACCIO/Masolino's Brancacci Chapel, ca. 1427, Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence

    Week 3
    FLORENCE and Naples


    ABOVE: Detail of a Medici Prince and his tutor, from fresco entitled "The Confirmation and Rule of St. Francis," Sassetti Chapel, Santa Trinita, 1483-86

    Ghirlandaio Last Supper

    Above: GHIRLANDAIO's Last Supper,San Ognissanti, fresco, 1480

    Piazzo Vecchio

    ABOVE: View inside the Piazza Signoria, Left: Palazzo Vecchio, Right: Loggio Lenzi (the Uffizi begins in the center, background)

    Grand Council Room_Vecchio

    ABOVE: Grand Council Room, Palazzo Vecchio, 16th century

    San Lorenzo_Aerial

    ABOVE: Aerial view of San Lorenzo Church and Monastery (photo taken from the top of the Duomo dome)

    New Medici Chapel_Dusk
    Above: MICHELANGELO: Detail of Dawn,
    from the Tomb of Lorenzo sculptural group,
    (New) Medici Chapel, San Lorenzo

    San Lorenzo_Chapel of the Princes
    ABOVE: Chapel of the Princes,
    San Lorenzo, 17th-18th century

    Fra Angelico_Annunciation_San Marco
    Above: FRA ANGELICO's Annunciation, fresco, in the hallway of the monk's dormitory, San Marco

    FRA ANGELICO_SanMarco_cell
    ABOVE: another Annunciation scene inside a monk's cell, San Marco, by FRA ANGELICO or his students

    ABOVE: Caravaggio: David with Head of Goliath, 1607, Uffizi

  • 2-week participants have arrived!

  • Optional SRISA-led day trip to Portovenere, Saturday, Date TBA. Cost extra: 80Euro.

  • Custom HSU-Group trip to Venice & Padua, TBA dates (all participants, see SIDE TRIPS below for details).

  • Likely 1/2-day visits to the following famous sites: Santa Trinita (GHIRLANDAIO's Sassetti Chapel), Palazzo Rucellai, Church of S. Ognissanti (GHIRLANDAIO's Last Supper), Palazzo Vecchio & the Loggia Lenzi, San Lorenzo: Old and New Medici Chapels, Palazzo Medici-Riccardi (GOZZOLI's Medici Chapel).

  • Arno_PonteVecchio Above: The Arno River in Florence with Ponte Sta. Trinita and Ponte Vecchio beyond

    Students_San Lorenzo
    Above: HSU art history group sitting at the entrance of the Church of San Lorenzo on a previous Florentine visit

    San Lorenzo_Nave
    Above: BRUNELLESCHI's nave,
    San Lorenzo, 1421-28

    GOZZOLI_Medici Chapel
    ABOVE: Detail from GOZZOLI's Medici Chapel, fresco, inside the Medici-Riccardi Palace, 1459-60

    Medici Chapel_Gozzoli
    ABOVE: Another view of the Medici Chapel inside the Medici-Riccardi Palace

    Above: Portrait of Girolamo Savonarola by Fra Bartolomeo, Museo San Marco

    San Apollonia Refectory
    Above: CASTAGNO's Last Supper in the refectory of the Convent of Santa Apollonia, fresco (located just around the corner from Santa Reparata Fine Arts campus!)

    Week 4

    Above: PETER PAUL RUBEN's Consequences of War, 1637-38, Palatine Gallery, Pitti Palace

    Above: RAPHAEL's Madonna of the Chair, 1514, Palatine Gallery, Pitti Palace

    Boboli Gardens
    ABOVE: One of many views of the extensive Boboli Gardens to the rear of the Palazzo Pitti

    Above: View from the Uffizi looking towards Palazzo Vecchio, Florence

    Birth of Venus
    Above: BOTTICELLI's Birth of Venus, 1480, Uffizi

    Caravaggio_Sacrifice of Isaac
    Above: CARAVAGGIO's Sacrifice of Isaac, 1601-02, Uffizi

    ABOVE: Interior view of room inside Palazzo Pitti

  • Lab and research time to finish up projects.

  • Group trips to the Cloister of the Scalzo, Monastery of San Marco, Museo Strozzi, Palazzo Pitti and its various museums, Boboli Gardens, the Accademia (MICHELANGELO's DAVID!), and the Uffizi.

  • Optional SRISA-sponsored overnight trip to Rome (cost extra) to see the Basilica of St. Peter's, the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, and the Roman Forum (TBA dates, SEE Side Trips below for details).

  • Above: MICHELANGELO's David,
    1501, Accademia

    Above: SIMONE MARTINI's Annunciation
    Altarpiece, 1333, Uffizi

    Titian_Venus of Urbino
    Above: TITIAN's Venus of Urbino, 1538, Uffizi

    Della Francesca_Montefeltro
    Above: PIERO della FRANCESCA's Double Portrait of Duke Federico Montefeltro and
    His Wife, 1465-66, Uffizi

    Various dates Side Trips

  • San Gimignano or Siena, day trip, FRIDAY, TBA date: Included for 1-month itinerary only.

  • Chianti, day trip, Friday, TBA date: OPTIONAL for extra fee of 90 Euro (one-month participants only).

  • Portovenere, day trip, Saturday, TBA date: OPTIONAL for all participants, extra fee of 90 Euro.

  • Venice and Padua (HSU group only), 3 days, 2 nights, TBA dates: included in both 1-month and 2-week itineraries.

  • Good Government
    Above: AMBROGIO LORENZETTI's Good Government fresco, 1338-1340, Palazzo Pubblico, Siena

    Siena Duomo_nave
    Above: Nave toward the east, SIENA DUOMO,
    begun 13th century

    Above: Miracle of St. Mark Freeing the Slave by Tintoretto, 1548, Accademia Museum, Venice

    Above: Guggenheim Museum, painting by Jackson Pollock, 1942

    Above: Balcony of Guggenheim Museum overlooking the Grand Canal, Venice

    Above: Gondola!

    Above: Venice, Palladio's San Giorgio, begun 1566.

    Above: Venetian glassblower

    Above: view of surrounding countryside from the city walls San Gimignano

  • SAN GIMIGNANO or SIENA: Transfer by coach to one of these towns and return same day. Guided tour, then time on your own to explore this small hilltop town, rich in history and the home of Italy's best gelato!

  • CHIANTI: Transfer by coach to the Chianti region and return the same day. Visit the small Tuscan town of Greve. Tour the vineyards at the Castle of Verazzano and learn about Tuscan wine making. Light lunch and wine tasting.

  • PORTOVENERE: Transfer by coach to the seaside town of Portovenere and return the same day. SRISA leader, walking tour, aperitivo.

  • VENICE and PADUA: Transfer by bus or train to Venice, bus to Padua, and returns. For our group only.

  • In Venice, guided walking tour of parts of the city, visit St. Mark's Cathedral, the Doge Palace, Venice museums such as the Accademia and the Guggenheim), and if time: Palladio's San Giorgio Maggiore and his architecturally influential Villa Rotunda. Half-day visit to nearby Padua for a visit to the FAMOUS Scrovegni Chapel by GIOTTO.

  • Two nights in 3-star Hotel (TBA), Venice. Continental breakfast included.

  • Above: Giotto's Scrovegni Chapel, Padua

    Above: "streets" of Venice

    Above: Venice, view from sea of San Marco Tower and the Doge Palace.

    Above: Giovanni Bellini's San Giobbe Altarpiece (detail), 1487, Accademia Museum, Venice

    Above: View of harbour at Portovenere, the Italian Ligurian coast

    Above: View of countryside near Chianti, Tuscany

    22-23 June 2022

  • Lab and research time to finish up projects and journals.

  • June 22: Student Show. Housing pre-checkout sometime today.

  • June 23: Arrive Peretola (Florence) Airport at 10:10am to leave on Air France Flight 1367 at 12:10pm. Arrive in Charles De Gaulle Airport (Paris) at 2:00pm. RECENT CHANGE BY DELTA: Leave Charles De Gaulle Airport at 3:50pm on DELTA Flight 085. Arrive Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (Atlanta) at 7:10pm. Go through CUSTOMS. Leave Atlanta at 10:45pm on Delta Flight 1002. Arrive DFW Airport at 11:59pm. (UGH!)

  • (Remember that flight details are always subject to change)


    i) Hotels are offered subject to availability.

    ii) Should the group be traveling with more than one medium-sized suitcase per person it may be necessary to cost in a luggage van or trailer to carry the group’s luggage. Please advise us as soon as possible if this is the case and we will advise the supplemental costs. Airlines also charge for excess baggage (check with the airlines).

    iii) All timings and distances are approximate and subject to variable conditions such as bad weather, public holidays, etc.

    iv) Linda Fawcett and Hardin-Simmons University reserve the right to increase the tour price in the event of cost increases due to changes in air fare, currency fluctuations, VAT or tax rates and tariffs, entrance fees or fuel surcharges, or if minimum number of participants is not met (10 paying one-month participants). Conversely, any decreases in anticipated costs will be passed on to participants.

    v) All entrances are subject to availability and opening times.

    vi) For half-day and full-day coach/guide hire please note the following:
    Half-day tours last a maximum of 2-3 hours, to finish no later than 13:00hrs
    Full day tours last a maximum of 4-6 hours, to start no earlier than 08:00hrs and to finish no later than 18:00hrs.

    vii) There are strict European laws concerning driver hours on touring coaches that must be respected at all times. A typical touring day can last a maximum of 8 hours with a minimum of 11 hours rest overnight. Furthermore the driver must have a rest every 7th day. These regulations are currently being reviewed and can change at short notice.

    viii) Not included in tour price: Passport and Visa costs, Travel insurance, Excess Baggage Charges, all meals except for Group Welcome Dinner, Personal Expenses, Individual Services apart from the group (including transfers between airport and hotels for tour members not with group), Transportation between home and DFW Airport, Airport Departure Taxes, Tips for personal services, Local Transportation other than that outlined on itinerary, refundable (within 3 months of conclusion of stay) Florence apartment deposit.

    ix) Cancellations and Refunds: Up to 91 days before departure – full refund less $300 and any non-recoverable deposits paid to suppliers; 90-43 days before departure – full refund less $600 and any nonrecoverable deposits paid to suppliers; within 42 days of departure - up to 100% although all efforts would be made to recoup payments made to suppliers. These deposits reflect any cancellation penalties imposed by air carriers, hotels, ground operators, cruise boat operators, restaurants and other suppliers. As penalties could incur as much as 100%, tour participants are encouraged to take out travel insurance to cover trip cancellation. Additionally, airlines may levy charges for changes to itinerary or to cancel an airline ticket or reservation covered with a deposit. Airline deposits are usually $100 - $200 per seat and must be cancelled 90 days before departure.